Community & Self Care Retreat


Community - “Good people bring out the good in people.”

Comparison. Insecurity. Loneliness. Sound familiar? Being a “career creative” as I like to call it has its downfalls. A majority of artists and photographers are introverts. We spend most of our days huddled up in our offices with our coffee and our Netflix, editing away. Occasionally we get out of our house to work with our awesome clients, but how often do we truly get the opportunity to connect with other people, other women in our industry? Social media is great, but it can give us a false sense of community. Despite our introverted ways, we need real human connection in order to be healthy, social beings. We need people to lean on, hold us accountable, and let’s be real - just to have fun with and be ourselves around. We need people who get our struggles, who can celebrate our wins, and can accept us for being unapologetic about who we are. My first goal for this event is to provide this sense of community among local female photographers. Having a circle is SO important and I want to create an environment where no one is left sitting in the corner.


This retreat is about taking a break from the everyday stresses we experience as self-employed women. It is absolute truth that we cannot serve others, whether that be our clients, our families, etc., if we are not taking care of ourselves. Let’s get rid of the stigma that dedicating time for self-care is “selfish”. Self-care can take many different forms. Your physical, mental, and emotional health should always be a priority. Together we will talk about how setting boundaries and setting goals can relieve some of the anxiety that comes with owning a business. We will engage in a relaxing, yet empowering yoga session incorporating sound healing and aromatherapy. Following yoga, we will enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch together with some treats at the end (because balance, people). Last, we will finish up with a mini headshot session with the fabulous Lauren Hansen! Her passion is capturing portraits of women that leave them feeling confident and radiant!

Not another workshop

I want to be clear. This is not a workshop. The goal of this retreat is not to help you become a better photographer or business woman. My mission is to create a relaxing, fun space for the women of our industry to connect and unwind, while taking away a few tips to make our lives a little easier.